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Chameleon Twist (Japan) Hacking

Level Select

800961F4 - Load level routine, A0 is level ID.
800C0760 - Loads room in level , A0 is room ID. 0x0F in Bomb Land is the Black battle.
8029D05F - Level selected in Battle Mode.

Below is a table of level ID's used by the routine 800961F4.

Value Level Description
0x00 Stage 1
0x01 Stage 2
0x02 Stage 3
0x03 Stage 4
0x04 Stage 5
0x05 Stage 6
0x06 Credits/Intro Scenes
0x07 Battles Stage
0x08 Time Attack
0x09 Stage 1 Boss
0x0A Stage 2 Boss
0x0B Stage 3 Boss
0x0C Stage 4 Boss
0x0D Stage 5 Boss
0x0E Stage 6 Boss
0x0F Boss Select Room

Character Select

800F06DC - Character ID each player has selected.
80266E5F - Character selected on Adventure Mode character select screen.
80200C01 - Can be set to 0x0C to unlock Black and White.
800A1090 - NOP to allow selecting Black in Adventure Mode.

Value Character
0x00 Davy
0x01 Jack
0x02 Fred
0x03 Linda
0x04 Black
0x05 White

Perfect Code

The 'Perfect Code' appears after you complete the game with White and take no damage, its purpose is currently unknown. The code is first shown on the ending screen, then on the main menu. The Perfect Code is stored at 80200C04 before the high-scores, and is seemingly only ever access on the ranking screen, when the game starts, and when the ending sequence starts. Below are some relevant addresses.

800A207C - Shows Perfect Code on main menu.
800A8F4C - Writes to 80200C04 (Perfect Code) when credits start.
80200C01 - Can be set to 0x10 to display the Perfect Code on the main menu.

Some examples of Perfect Codes I have received are FBEB88A9 and 8BDC06C7.