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Mario's Actions

Mario can do a lot of different things in Super Mario 64. He can run, jump, swim, wall-kick, and even sleep among many other actions. These different actions have their own values to them, and each value points to a specific function that will run when Mario's current action (Mario→0x0C) is set.

There are 7 groups that each of the actions fall into. The group is determined by ANDing the action value by 0x1C0.

Group JAL to Description
0x000 0x80263898 Idle, sleeping
0x040 0x80269954 Crawling, sliding, fall damage
0x080 0x8026FB04 In Air (Attacks, jumping, flips, falling)
0x0C0 0x8027499C Swimming/Underwater releated
0x100 0x8025D798 Cutscene related
0x140 0x802605D0 Not directly controlling Mario (Inside Cannon, Grabbing on a ledge, Climing tree)
0x180 0x80275FE0 On Ground (punching, sweep-kick)

List of actions

0x8033B17C (Mario→0x0C) = current action, 0x8033B180 (Mario→0x10) = previous action.

Action Group JAL to Description
0x00000383 0x180 0x8027546C Grabbed MIPS
0x00000385 0x180 0x802755FC Dive end animation (grabbed MIPS)
0x00000386 0x180 0x802759B4 Dive end animation
0x00000387 0x180 0x802756C8 Put down MIPS
0x00000390 0x180 0x80275A80 Grab bowser's tail
0x00000391 0x180 0x80275B34 Holding onto bowser's tail
0x00000392 0x180 0x80275E78 Let go of bowser's tail
0x00000442 0x040 0x80266734 ???
0x00000443 0x040 0x80266AF8 Stop Mario
0x00000444 0x040 0x80266D4C Turn around 180 degrees
0x00000447 0x040 0x8026699C Carrying King bob-omb/Chuckya
0x0000044B 0x040 0x80267240 ???
0x00000474 0x040 0x80269264 Pickup object??
0x00000475 0x040 0x80269300 Pickup object??
0x00000476 0x040 0x80269788 ???
0x00000477 0x040 0x802697DC Pickup object??
0x00000479 0x040 0x8026939C Long-jump ground landing
0x000004A8 0x080 0x8026F158 ???
0x0000054C 0x140 0x8025F970 Climb up from edge
0x0000054D 0x140 0x8025F970 Climb up from edge (Part 2)
0x0000054E 0x140 0x8025FA64 Go down onto edge
0x0000054F 0x140 0x8025FAE8 Quick pull up from edge
0x000008A7 0x080 0x8026D988 Hit a wall?
0x000008AE 0x080 0x8026CF28 Picked up a crazy box
0x00001300 0x100 0x80257A0C Destroy Mario object?
0x00001302 0x100 0x80258420 Grabbed star animation
0x00001303 0x100 0x802584DC Grabbed star underwater animation
0x00001307 0x100 0x80258420 Grabbed star animation (Same as action 1302)
0x00001308 0x100 0x80257CE4 Reading a sign
0x0000130A 0x100 0x80257980 Looking forward?
0x0000130F 0x100 0x80257EAC Model stuck in T-Position (debug/unused action?)
0x00001319 0x100 0x8025D1D4 Ending credits Mario, stand still and do nothing
0x0000131A 0x100 0x8025D4F0 Mario waving and go to End Cake Picture
0x00001320 0x100 0x80259264 Opening a warp door
0x00001321 0x100 0x80259264 Opening a regular door
0x00001322 0x100 0x802593CC Warp door closing
0x00001325 0x100 0x80259740 Level entrance landing
0x00001327 0x100 0x802598D0 Star/Bowser key get fanfare
0x0000132E 0x100 0x80258BA8 Opening a locked door with a key
0x0000132F 0x100 0x80258DAC Opening a door with star power
0x00001331 0x100 0x80258F94 Opening a star door
0x00001333 0x100 0x8025A040 Bowser level entrance landing
0x00001336 0x100 0x8025A610 Fade warp out
0x00001337 0x100 0x8025A6FC Fade warp in
0x0000133D 0x100 0x8025AE0C Puttin on a cap
0x00001371 0x140 0x8025FC6C Inside a cannon
0x00001535 0x100 0x8025A0BC shrink warp to BBH
0x00001904 0x100 0x802585C0 Sets current action to 00001302
0x00001909 0x100 0x8025BBEC Grabbed grand star, fly around third bowser stage
0x00001918 0x100 0x8025D040 Ending Castle Grounds peach sequence
0x00001923 0x100 0x802594D4 Coming out of Warp pipe
0x00001924 0x100 0x80259608 ???
0x00001926 0x100 0x802597AC Out of painting (success)
0x00001928 0x100 0x80259C30 Out of painting (failed)
0x00001929 0x100 0x80259CE8 Lose a life & regenerate health
0x0000192A 0x100 0x80259D74 Lose a life & regenerate health (knocked onto the ground)
0x0000192B 0x100 0x80259E00 Ejected from Bowser 1 entrance (success)
0x0000192C 0x100 0x80259EF8 Ejected from Bowser 1 entrance (failed)
0x0000192D 0x100 0x80259854 Falling from lobby ceiling (success)
0x00001932 0x100 0x80259FCC Falling from lobby ceiling (failed)
0x00001934 0x100 0x8025A494 Start shrink warp to BBH
0x000042F4 0x0C0 0x80274268 ???
0x000042F5 0x0C0 0x80274384 ??? (Carrying object)
0x000042F6 0x0C0 0x80274688 Create ring of smoke?
0x000042F7 0x0C0 0x8027475C Create ring of smoke? (Carrying object)
0x000044F2 0x0C0 0x80273CD0 Reset Mario in water?
0x000044F3 0x0C0 0x80273E74 Reset Mario in water? (Carrying object)
0x000044F8 0x0C0 0x80274030 ???
0x000044F9 0x0C0 0x80274134 ??? (Carrying object)
0x000044FA 0x0C0 0x802744AC Create puff of smoke?
0x000044FB 0x0C0 0x80274580 Create puff of smoke? (Carrying object)
0x0002020D 0x000 0x80261CEC ???
0x00020226 0x000 0x80262980 Bouncing in place from Bowser's Jump onto platform
0x00020338 0x100 0x8025A858 Getting electrocuted
0x00020339 0x100 0x8025A9AC Getting squished
0x0002033A 0x100 0x8025AFFC Head stuck in snow
0x0002033B 0x100 0x8025B050 Butt stuck in snow
0x0002033C 0x100 0x8025B0A4 Lower torso stuck in snow
0x00020370 0x140 0x8025FB90 Being carried by King bob-omb/Chuckya
0x00020449 0x040 0x8026795C On fire (Lose 3 health)
0x00020460 0x040 0x802689F8 Fallen down from high place (on back)
0x00020461 0x040 0x80268ADC Fallen down from high place (on stomach)
0x00020462 0x040 0x80268B64 Knocked down after hitting a wall
0x00020463 0x040 0x80268BB0 Knocked down, got up quickly
0x00020464 0x040 0x80268BFC Stumbling from getting hit
0x00020465 0x040 0x80268C48 Stumbling from getting hit
0x00020466 0x040 0x80268C94 Stumbled backward from getting hit
0x00020467 0x040 0x80268D04 Knocked backward hard
0x00021311 0x100 0x80258744 Kill Mario
0x00021312 0x100 0x80258964 Kill Mario by quicksand
0x00021313 0x100 0x802587EC Kill Mario from shocking
0x00021314 0x100 0x8025883C Kill Mario from toxic haze
0x00021315 0x100 0x802588F8 Kill Mario (laying on stomach)
0x00021316 0x100 0x8025888C Kill Mario (laying on back)
0x00021317 0x100 0x80258A7C Kill Mario by being eaten by Bubba
0x00100341 0x140 0x8025E7A4 Grabbed a tree/pole from base
0x00100342 0x140 0x8025E830 Grabbed tree from top part (produce leaves)
0x00100343 0x140 0x8025E5A8 Climbing up tree/pole
0x00100344 0x140 0x8025E930 Move to/from the top of a tree/pole
0x00100345 0x140 0x8025EA30 At the top of a tree/pole
0x00200349 0x140 0x8025F0B4 Some landing animation?
0x0020054A 0x140 0x8025F1E4 Some landing animation?
0x0080023C 0x000 0x8026350C Ground pound hit
0x00800380 0x180 0x80275328 Leg sweep attack / punching
0x00800457 0x040 0x802665B4 Punch?
0x0080045A 0x040 0x80268338 Slide move (on ground)
0x008008A9 0x080 0x8026C9FC Ground pounding
0x0081089B 0x080 0x8026BF40 Riding koopa shell
0x00840452 0x040 0x80268074 Sliding on butt
0x00840454 0x040 0x802680D4 Roll grab object?
0x00880456 0x040 0x80268684 Dive (sliding on ground)
0x00880898 0x080 0x8026E968 Shot out of cannon
0x008C0453 0x040 0x802685C0 Get up from dive?
0x008C0455 0x040 0x80268608 Slide grabbed object?
0x01000882 0x080 0x8026B814 Triple jump
0x01000883 0x080 0x8026B90C backflip
0x01000887 0x080 0x8026BCC0 Side somersault
0x01000889 0x080 0x8026C5D0 Jump?
0x0100088C 0x080 0x8026B9AC Falling
0x010008A1 0x080 0x8026BBB4 Pick up object?
0x010008A2 0x080 0x8026E088 Sliding on butt carrying object (in air)
0x010008A3 0x080 0x8026C738 ??? (carrying object in air?)
0x010008A6 0x080 0x8026DB54 Dive role flip
0x010008AD 0x080 0x8026DCF4 Reverse roll in air?
0x010208B0 0x080 0x8026D3C8 Falling backward
0x010208B1 0x080 0x8026D43C Falling forward
0x010208B2 0x080 0x8026D508 Knocked forward
0x010208B3 0x080 0x8026D4B0 Knocked backward
0x010208B4 0x080 0x8026CD0C Set on fire (Lose 3 health)
0x010208B5 0x080 0x8026CE50 Set on fire (Lose 3 health)
0x010208B6 0x080 0x8026D6FC Hit wall
0x010208B7 0x080 0x8026E2B4 Butt on fire
0x010208B8 0x080 0x8026D770 Blown away by big snowman (Lose cap)
0x010208BD 0x080 0x8026D608 Knocked down forward
0x010208BE 0x080 0x8026D560 Knocked down backward
0x018008AA 0x080 0x8026E59C Slide move (moving + pressing Z then B)
0x018008AC 0x080 0x8026E810 Jump kick
0x0188088A 0x080 0x8026C1E0 Dive
0x0281089A 0x080 0x8026BF40 Riding koopa shell
0x03000880 0x080 0x8026B6A0 Jump
0x03000881 0x080 0x8026B740 Second jump
0x03000885 0x080 0x8026C880 ???
0x03000886 0x080 0x8026BDCC Jumping off of tree/pole
0x03000888 0x080 0x8026BE78 longjump
0x0300088D 0x080 0x8026F614 Jumping off top of tree/pole
0x0300088E 0x080 0x8026DE98 Sliding on butt (in air)
0x03000894 0x080 0x8026F2EC Pushed forward? (Messes up camera)
0x030008A0 0x080 0x8026BAB8 Jumping with object
0x030008AF 0x080 0x8026F840 Sparkle triple jump
0x04000440 0x040 0x80266354 moving
0x04000445 0x040 0x80266E48 moving (sudden stop)
0x0400044A 0x040 0x80266FC8 moving (slowing down)
0x04000470 0x040 0x80269108 Landed on ground
0x04000471 0x040 0x80269170 Landed on ground harder
0x04000472 0x040 0x8026947C Double jump landing
0x04000473 0x040 0x802691D8 Side-flip landing
0x04000478 0x040 0x802694E4 Triple jump ground landing
0x0400047A 0x040 0x80269588 Back-flip ground landing
0x04008448 0x040 0x80267728 Crawling
0x04001301 0x100 0x8025B58C Activate intro cutscene
0x04808459 0x040 0x80268168 Stop riding koopa shell
0x08000206 0x000 0x80262080 ???
0x08000207 0x000 0x802619D0 ???
0x08000208 0x000 0x80261AD0 Holding king bob-omb/Chuckya
0x08000225 0x000 0x80262FEC Slidekick move end animation
0x0800022F 0x000 0x80262F50 Back-flip end animation
0x08000234 0x000 0x802630F8 Pickup object?
0x08000235 0x000 0x802631F0 Pickup object?
0x08000239 0x000 0x80262FEC Bounce out of lava end animation
0x0800023A 0x000 0x80262EF0 triple jump end animation
0x0800023B 0x000 0x8026305C Long-jump end animation
0x0800043F 0x000 0x80262398 Roll grab object? Changes action to 0x08000207
0x0800034B 0x140 0x8025F6C0 Hanging on a ledge
0x080042F0 0x0C0 0x80273A2C Set carrying nothing?
0x080042F1 0x0C0 0x80273BD4 Set carrying object?
0x08100340 0x140 0x8025E21C On tree/pole
0x08200348 0x140 0x8025EF58 Some landing animation?
0x0C000203 0x000 0x80261268 Sleeping
0x0C000204 0x000 0x802614FC Waking up
0x0C000227 0x000 0x802635E8 Looking around with zoomed-in camera (C-button up)
0x0C000230 0x000 0x80262D68 Landing from jump
0x0C000231 0x000 0x80262DC4 Landing from double-jump
0x0C000232 0x000 0x80262E94 Landing from falling off cliff
0x0C000233 0x000 0x80262E20 Landing from side-somersault
0x0C00023D 0x000 0x802621DC End of sliding animation
0x0C00023E 0x000 0x802622DC End of ground-pound animation / end of butt-sliding
0x0C008220 0x000 0x80261DB4 Crouching
0x0C008221 0x000 0x80262530 Start crouching
0x0C008222 0x000 0x80262650 Stop crouching
0x0C008223 0x000 0x80262770 Start crawling
0x0C008224 0x000 0x80262890 Stop crawling
0x0C400201 0x000 0x80260CB4 Idle
0x0C400202 0x000 0x80261000 Yawning
0x0C400205 0x000 0x80261F70 Reset Mario to idle(0x0C400201)?
0x0C400209 0x000 0x802618D8 Coughing in toxic haze
0x0C40020A 0x000 0x8026168C Shivering in cold idle
0x10020372 0x140 0x80260154 Activate Mario's helicopter spin
0x1008089C 0x080 0x8026F660 Caught in wind up-draft
0x108008A4 0x080 0x8026C034 Helicopter spin
0x10880899 0x080 0x8026EC00 Flying with wing cap
0x18800238 0x000 0x802633B4 Landing from helicopter spin
0x20001305 0x100 0x80257AB0 You got 1/3/8/30/50/70 stars IC message
0x20001306 0x100 0x80257748 Talking to a NPC (Toad/KTQ/Bowser)
0x20810446 0x040 0x80267504 Riding koopa shell
0x300024D0 0x0C0 0x80271AA0 Swimming in water
0x300024D1 0x0C0 0x80271D04 Swimming in water (slowing down)
0x300024D2 0x0C0 0x80271EB4 Stop swimming?
0x300024D3 0x0C0 0x8027202C Swimming while carrying object
0x300024D4 0x0C0 0x8027226C Swimming while carrying object (slowing down)
0x300024D5 0x0C0 0x802723F0 Stop swimming? (carrying object)
0x300024D6 0x0C0 0x80272548 Riding Koopa shell in water
0x300024E0 0x0C0 0x80272778 Throwing object (in/under water)
0x300024E1 0x0C0 0x80272870 Punching/Grabbing (in/under water)
0x300022C2 0x0C0 0x802713BC Swim movement end animation
0x300022C3 0x0C0 0x802714A8 Swim movement end animation (Carrying Object)
0x300022E2 0x0C0 0x80272E3C Splash into water
0x300032C4 0x0C0 0x80272CBC Kill Mario in water (drowned)
0x300032C7 0x0C0 0x80272DC0 Kill Mario in water
0x300222C5 0x0C0 0x80272B1C Knocked backward in water
0x300222C6 0x0C0 0x80272B64 Knocked forward in water
0x300222C8 0x0C0 0x80272BAC Getting electrocuted in water
0x300222E3 0x0C0 0x80273160 Teleport somewhere?
0x380022C0 0x0C0 0x802711D4 Idle in water
0x380022C1 0x0C0 0x802712C0 Carrying object underwater
0x80000588 0x180 0x80275794 Throwing a box
0x80000589 0x180 0x802758C0 Throwing King bob-omb/Chuckya
0x80000A36 0x000 0x802632E8 Throwing some object?
0x830008AB 0x080 0x8026C4B8 Throwing box while in the air