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The textures inside the SM64 ROM are contained within the MIO0 Compression compressed blocks. They are encoded with one of the N64 microcode formats.

  • 16-bit RGBA
  • 4-bit IA
  • 8-bit IA
  • 16-bit IA

Texture List

ROM MIO0 Extended ROM Textures and offset in block
108A40 803156
114750 823B64
12A7E0 860EDC
132C60 87E23C
134D20 88C3BC
13B910 8A545C
145E90 8C118C
1521D0 8DD7DC
160670 8FB894
165A50 9109C4
166C60 91BE8C
16D870 934004
180BB0 960204
188440 97F0C4
1B9CC0 9E9FD4
1C4230 A09934
1D8310 A36ABC
1E51F0 A56934
1E7EE0 A647AC
1F2200 A8181C
201410 AB240C
26A3A0 AED714
2708C0 B112CD
2A65B0 B1F8B5
2AC6B0 B35715
2B8F10 B5D855
2C73D0 B85995
2D0040 BA22D5
2D64F0 BC2C15
2E7880 BEAD55
2F14E0 C12E95
301CD0 C57915
30CEC0 C7FA55
31E1D0 CA93A9
32D070 CD4BD1
334B30 CE9CE5
33D710 CFF5F9
341140 D1120D
347A50 D24B21
34E760 D3A4B5
351960 D4C9C9
357350 D629DD
35ED10 D78271
365980 D8DF85
36F530 DA2785
371C40 DB151D
383950 DE0361
396340 E0BB07
3E76B0 EC0587
3FC2B0 EF0E37
405FB0 F0A5F9
40ED70 F22081
41A760 F42809
4246D0 F5BBB5
42CF20 F71F71
437870 F90991
44ABC0 FC7807
454E00 FE107F
45C600 FF8EAF
4614D0 100BB77
46C3A0 1034AAF
4784A0 10582A3
48D930 1088B73
496090 10A0883
49E710 10BA69B
4AF930 10F8867
4B80D0 1111903
4BEC30 11258AB
4C2920 1136271
4C4320 1140D39
4CDBD0 115C4E7
4CEC00 1166087
4D1910 1173143