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Super Mario 64 Hacking Tools

This is a collection of tools for SM64 ROM hacking.

SM64 Editor

The SM64 Editor contains tools to extend the SM64 ROM, import levels, import models, import music sequences, and making many tweaks to the ROM. Start with this tool and continue from there.

Toads Tool 64

Toads Tool 64 is used for adding and manipulating objects and editing some built-in textures.


Quad64 is an open source level editor similar to Toads Tool 64. Edits made to the ROM are console compatible and it even supports the European and Japanese ROMs.

M64 Text Wrangler

M64 Text Wrangler allows editing of most of the text found in Super Mario 64, including dialogs, level names, and act (star) names. It requires an extended Mario 64 ROM.

SM64 Area Importer

The SM64 Area Importer contains tools similar to SM64 Editor but can also import multiple areas into levels. Please Note: This Version doesn't support ROMs used by the SM64 Editor v2.1 or higher. Version 4 is in progress.

SM64 Tweaker

The SM64 Tweaker contains an easy to use GUI for tweaking many settings within SM64. This includes, but not limited to: item boxes, boss settings, HUD configuration, coins, More Objects Patch, cap settings. This tool is actually WIP.

SM64 Text Manager

Similar to Text Wrangler, SM64 Text Manager allows editing of dialogs, level names, and act (star) names. It requires an extended Mario 64 ROM.


N64Rip is a frontend for Joe's N64 Raw Graphics Tool. It allows you to rip and insert textures into a decompressed (extended) ROM.

Skybox Importer

The Skybox Importer allows you to easily view and change the level skyboxes.

Simple Armips GUI

Simple Armips GUI is a GUI frontend for armips - a multi-arch assembler that supports both the N64's CPU and RSP. Armips has powerful expression parsing and macro support and it can use custom text encoding tables for strings. It even has an ELF linker for importing code compiled from languages like C and C++.

N64 ROM Disassembler

N64 ROM Disassembler is a GUI disassembler and assembler. You can use it to make quick asm changes in N64 ROMs. Supports address translation, notes, function navigation and more.

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