Super Mario 64 Hacking Tutorials

Kaze's Tutorial Series

Kaze's tutorial series is the most up-to-date set of tutorials. It is listed in its own section because it is so thorough.
Playlist: Super Mario 64 hacking Tutorial

Description Difficulty Language
default.jpg 01 - Drawing Levels in Sketchup
Configure Sketchup and plugins and usage of drawing tools
Beginner English
default.jpg 02 - Textures and UV Mapping
UV texture mapping in Sketchup and Blender
Beginner English
default.jpg 03 - Level Importer
Using SM64 Editor (Level Importer)
Beginner English
default.jpg 04 - Collision Maps & Toads Tool
Optimizing collision maps and using Toads Tool
Beginner English
default.jpg 05 - Behavior Scripts: Part 1
Create custom behavior script for rotating box with collision
Intermediate English
default.jpg 06 - Behavior Scripts: Part 2
Interactions with animated toad that electrocutes Mario
Intermediate English
default.jpg 07 - Level Scripts
Walks through SM64 Level scripts in ROM
Intermediate English
default.jpg 08 - Fast3D & Geo Layouts
Import custom model and modify vertex colors
Intermediate English
default.jpg 09 - Animations
Use Kaze's animation tool to import Maya animations to SM64
Intermediate English
default.jpg 10 - M64 Music Files
Convert MIDI in Musescore to XML and convert to M64 with XML converter
Intermediate English

Level Tutorials

default.jpg How to Make Super Mario 64 Custom Levels
Good beginner level tutorial on getting setup with all the tools required and designing and importing a custom level. Uses slightly older version of the tools.
Beginner English
default.jpg Toads Tool 64 - Warps
Using Toads Tool 64 to configure warps
Beginner English
default.jpg Working with scrolling textures
Using SM64 Editor to add scrolling textures to a level
Intermediate English
default.jpg Super Mario 64 Hacking Tutorial
Newer tutorial on getting setup with Sketchup, SM64 Editor, Toads Tool
Beginner Deutsch

Audio Tutorials

default.jpg N64 Sound Tool v1.1
Tutorial for replacing instruments with sounds from other games or new sounds using N64 Sound Tool.
Intermediate English
default.jpg Importing Custom Music
Tutorial to import custom music using SM64 Editor
Intermediate English

Assembly Tutorials

default.jpg N64 Hacking - How to Enter ASM Code
Older tutorial on using LemASM to modify assembly code.
Advanced English
default.jpg Use Nemu64 to Make Codes
Use Nemu64 debugger to set breakpoints, modify memory, and create Gameshark codes.
Advanced English